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TV As We Know It Is Gone.

Consumers are cutting cables in favor of streaming platforms and social networks — and the ROI on traditional advertising is shrinking. Built by the industry’s leaders at Cars.com and Dealer Inspire, FUEL® maximizes every ad dollar by targeting your local in-market shoppers where they watch video every day.

We Cracked The Code.

FUEL IMV Gives Every Dollar More Firepower

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Linear TV

In-Market Impressions
% Relevant Impressions
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Exclusive Audience Data

Maximize ROI on Active Car Shoppers

At any given time, only 5% of households in your market are serious about buying a new or used car — but we know who they are. Powered by our exclusive Cars.com audience, we’re able to target relevant ads only to local shoppers actively looking for a vehicle right now — instead of spending 95% of your budget on uninterested TV viewers.

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Shoppers Looking
For A Car Right Now

*Estimate Based on Cars.com Avg. Internal Traffic Data (2019).

Exclusively on Cars.com

Market Exclusivity

Own Your Territory

Our exclusive in-market audience data targets by zip code, specially optimized for your brand, budget, and competitive landscape to maximize ROI. Claim the zip codes you want to dominate and gain an unprecedented digital advantage over your competitors.

Claim Your Zip Codes

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Run Campaigns
That Move Metal

The message matters. We’ve built a library of creative campaigns proven to turn heads and drive action that you can make your own with dynamic branding and offers. Turn on a campaign without the time and cost of producing your own and start winning customers now.

Omnichannel Advertising

FUEL Audience Takeover

When your unique targeting and creative are set, we hit Launch and reach your audience across the devices and platforms they watch video on every day.

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TV Screen
iPhone Screen
iPad Screen

Our platform analyzes the ad frequency needed to move the needle in your market, and takes over screens until shoppers in your area can’t think of anywhere else to buy a car.

Native Conversion

Convert Viewers
In The Moment

Consumer attention is at a premium, so we built interactive ads that capture leads in the moment, right where shoppers are watching your video. Our A.I. Bot responds to viewers, collects customer info, and instantly provides personalized offers, estimates, and appointments in return.

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Sync With Your Entire Platform

Campaigns need to connect across your digital presence to drive shoppers through the buying journey. Your FUEL campaigns can sync across CARS properties, from your Cars.com inventory to your Dealer Inspire website, creating a seamless shopping experience from ad impression to sale.


Proven Results Through One Prizm™

FUEL reporting metrics flow directly into Dealer Inspire’s reporting platform, PRIZM™, along with the rest of your digital marketing performance. See overall results at a glance and dive deep into your data to monitor the performance of every ad dollar spent.

From The Team That

Future-Proofs Dealerships.

FUEL is an unprecedented solution created by the founders of Cars.com and Dealer Inspire, and led by the industry’s leading innovators in the in-market video revolution. The power of our combined platform gives dealers the advantage to win the future of automotive retail.


FUEL In-Market Video gives you access to Cars.com’s exclusive audience. Lock down your local audience before your competitors do and start driving more customers for less ad spend.

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