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Ever since consumers cut their TV cords and dispersed across digital, our industry has wasted billions across fragmented channels and inflated audiences that guess who’s in-market. FUEL: In-Market Video changes the game by only targeting consumers we know are shopping for a vehicle right now and then reaches them across the platforms they watch video on every day.



You may think your advertiser has true “in-market” audiences, but the truth is they don’t. Modern digital advertising relies on modeled segments called “lookalike audiences” — meaning you’re just guessing with your advertising spend every month. FUEL:IMV is the only platform that has access to Cars.com's audience of 100% real in-market shoppers, so your ad dollars are only being spent on the impressions that actually matter.


Exclusive Audience Data

Maximize ROI on Active Car Shoppers

At any given time, only 5% of households in your market are serious about buying a new or used car — but we know who they are. Powered by our exclusive Cars.com audience data, we’re able to target relevant ads only to local shoppers actively looking for a vehicle right now — instead of spending 95% of your budget on uninterested viewers.

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Shoppers Looking
For A Car Right Now

*Estimate based on Cars.com Avg. Internal Traffic Data (Q2, 2021).

Exclusively on Cars.com

Market Exclusivity

Own Your Territory

FUEL transforms your ROI not only by maximizing every penny on a pure in-market audience, but also by ensuring you’re the only one that can. Our data is exclusive by zip code, giving our dealer partners an undivided audience and an unprecedented advantage to win market share.

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Campaign Builder

Run Campaigns
That Move Metal

The message matters. We’ve built a library of creative campaigns proven to turn heads and drive action, and our industry-leading creative team makes them yours with unique branding, offers, and customer experience Why Buys that move metal. Turn on a campaign without the time and cost of producing your own and start winning customers now.



FUEL customers can now reach Cars.com shoppers while they’re shopping with premium display placements — as well as powerful retargeting throughout their journey — to fully capitalize on the attention and clicks of the most valuable audience in automotive.


Omnichannel Advertising

FUEL Audience Takeover

When your unique targeting and creative are set, we hit Launch and reach your audience across the devices and platforms they watch video on every day.

Laptop Screen
TV Screen
iPhone Screen
iPad Screen

Our platform analyzes the ad frequency needed to move the needle in your market, and takes over screens until shoppers in your area can’t think of anywhere else to buy a car.

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Built by Automotive's Top

Advertising Leaders

FUEL is the vision of our CEO Dean Evans to combine best-in-class audience data, creative, and dealer strategy — so he brought together the industry’s leaders in each discipline to make it happen.

  • Dean Evans
    Chief Executive Officer
    Dean Evans Chief Executive Officer

    As CMO for major automotive brands (Hyundai and Subaru) and solutions providers (Dealer.com and Lotlinx), Dean is a renowned industry leader with more than 20 years of experience transforming automotive retail through next-generation marketing and technology solutions. FUEL is the realization of Dean’s vision to eliminate the waste in automotive advertising and future-proof dealers with unprecedented ROI.

  • Terry Reid
    Chief Operations Officer
    Terry Reid Chief Operations Officer

    Terry is a global leader in the industry with more than 40 years of experience in all areas of automotive retail, including a decade at the helm for Zimmerman Advertising and 22 years as a franchise dealer. Terry’s invaluable insight into strategic creative, disruptive advertising, and the everyday challenges of local automotive retail all converge to help drive the transformative solution that FUEL has become.

  • Chris Marshall
    VP, Data Strategy & FUEL Operations
    Chris Marshall VP, Data Strategy & FUEL Operations

    The architect of the FUEL audience targeting and media engine, Chris brings over 20 years of automotive expertise to oversee our best-in-class data usage. Prior to joining FUEL® Chris worked in automotive marketing and data-driven roles on the automaker client-side, agency-side, and partner development side — including his most recent role at Oracle Data Cloud, helping dealers and their marketing partners acquire, measure, and optimize automotive audience data.


FUEL In-Market Video gives you access to Cars.com’s exclusive audience. Lock down your local audience before your competitors do and start driving more customers for less ad spend.

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Claim Your Territory

Get exclusive access to run video campaigns to your area’s 100% pure
in-market audience.

Claim Your Territory

Get exclusive access to run video campaigns to your area’s 100% pure
in-market audience.